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Apply for a Trial Lesson & Lessons

Please read Terms and Conditions before applying.

  • After applying for lessons your tutor will contact you directly to arrange a trial lesson. For all lesson arrangements you will need to contact your tutor directly.

  • Payment for tuition. Tuition fees are to be paid in advance. There will be 4 lessons in a month (1 lesson per week). You can pay by bank transfer, direct debit or standing order. For any additional lessons on top of your basic monthly 4 lessons, please arrange with your tutor. The lesson fee will be the same as on the price list.

  • For any additional lessons, you will be sent an invoice after the additional lessons.

  • Lesson cancellation policy. If you need to cancel a lesson for any reason, please contact your tutor at your earliest convenience to rearrange the lesson. 24 hours’ notice is required to avoid paying for the lesson. The lesson will have to be paid for if there is less than 24 hours’ notice. 

  • Lesson cancelled by tutor. If your tutor needs to cancel a lesson they will contact you at the earliest convenience. If the tutor gives you 24 hours’ notice of the cancellation, the lesson can be rearranged. If a lesson is cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice, the tutor will offer you a free lesson. 

  • If you no longer wish to continue lessons with Sunflower Violin Music Tuition, you are required to give a minimum of 2 weeks (14days) notice both to your tutor and to Sunflower Violin Music Tuition.

  • Sunflower Violin Music Tuition will not refund any payments made for lessons. In the event that a tutor can no longer provide lessons we will assign a different tutor to complete the remaining lessons.

  • If for any reason the current tutor is unable to continue giving lessons, we will try our best to find a new tutor and arrange for lessons to continue.

  • For you and your child’s safety, Sunflower Violin Music Tuition ensures that all tutors are DBS checked.

  • Sunflower Violin Music Tuition is exempt from any responsibility and is not liable for any tutor’s improper conduct, damage to property, theft or any other claims that may arise during lessons. Any claims that do arise will be between you – parent/guardian, pupil and the tutor - to resolve. 

Should you have any concerns, please email: info@sunflowerviolinmusictuition.com

  • If you decide that you would like a different tutor, or that you no longer wish to continue taking lessons, please email: info@sunflowerviolinmusictuition.com. Tutors who behave in such improper manner will be dismissed from Sunflower Violin Music Tuition.

I have read and agree to the above Terms and Conditions and would like to apply.

For lessons and trial lessons you can apply here.