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About Lessons

  • About Lessons

  • Sunflower Violin Music Tuition’s aim is to provide safe, fun and rewarding music tuition for children aged 3 – 18 years old, in the convenience of your own home.


  • We mainly focus on Violin but we also offer Piano and Music Theory lessons for students of all levels from beginner to advanced level. Lessons will be tailored to suit the individual’s need. Your tutor will visit your home for your lessons.


  • Sunflower Violin Music tuition offers, music tuition in the Ealing and Acton (West London Area). Finchley Road and Swiss Cottage (North London Area). If you wish to request lessons in any other area in London, please contact us.


  • For you and your child’s safety, Sunflower Violin Music Tuition ensures all tutors are DBS checked and have experience working with children and performing.


  • Lessons will be available in English and Japanese. (Languages may depend on the tutor).


  • Trial lesson: Starting or taking up a new instrument, we offer a 20-30min trial lesson to see if your child likes the instrument and gets on with the tutor before applying for further lessons. Trial lessons cost only £15.


  • Lesson price: Violin & Piano

  •  35min Lesson £33  

  •  45min Lesson £39     

  •  60min Lesson £43

  •  60min Lesson - Siblings Discount. (2 siblings in a same family 60 mins lesson, 30min per child. Lesson must be from same tutor, same instrument, lesson on a  same day, one after another) £52


  • Music Theory   

  • 35min Lesson £25   

  • 45min Lesson £32     

  • 60min Lesson £37

To apply for lessons please visit Lesson Application page.

  • After applying for lessons your tutor will contact you directly for an introduction, followed by a trial lesson arrangement. For arrangements of all lessons you will need to contact your tutor directly.

  • Payments for tuitions. Tuition fees are to be paid monthly in advance. We count 4 lessons per month. After your fourth lesson you will need to pay for another 4 lessons for the following month.

  • Lesson cancellation policy. If you need to cancel lesson for any reason please contact your tutor at your earliest convenience. Cancel notification 24hours before the lesson is not a problem and you can rearrange lesson/s for an alternative date. Late cancellation (within 24 hours) cancelation may cause inconvenience for your tutor and therefore you will be charged for one lesson (even if you don’t take lesson).

  • Lesson cancelled by tutor. If your tutor needs to cancel a lesson for any reason, your tutor will contact you at the earliest convenience. If the lesson is cancelled with more than 24 hours’ notice, you and your tutor can rearrange the lesson for another date. If your tutor cancels a lesson with less than 24 hours’ notice, this may cause you inconvenience and therefore your tutor will offer you a free lesson.

  • If you no longer wish to continue lessons or you wish to leave Sunflower Violin Tuition, please contact us, providing 2 weeks (14days) notice both to your tutor and to Sunflower Violin Music Tuition.

  • You wish to continue taking lessons as usual but the current tutor is leaving Sunflower Violin Music Tuition, we will do our best to find a new tutor and arrange lessons for you to be able to carry on taking lessons as usual.